Stuff You Need to Play


Maptools is an online tabletop program.  It has a chat window, character management tools, dice rollers, tools for macros for making your own powers, plugin extensability, and map creation tools, as well as a map grid where combat and other visual oriented things can take place.

For the time being we are using version 1.3b56.  You can download it here.


Online Character Sheets

If you are a DnD Insider Subscriber, or have access to someone else's account (with permission), please use the character builder to create your character files and upload them every time a change is made to this site and then share the character if not already done, with

If you are not a DnD Insider SUbscriber, you may use any character sheet you wish, but you must include your character's statistical information and equipment updated in the wiki section of this site, under the character sheets section.  You do not need to include anything that should be kept unknown to other characters, such as if you have an item that you do not wish the m to know about.  Feats, powers, skills, etc, should all be posted however, as well as other stat info, and this is all meant to be kept out of character, and meta gaming will result in penalties if it hamper's another player's ability to play their character the way they wish to.


Ventrilo is a voice chat program that allows people to communicate using microphones or headsets.  We will be using ventrilo for all of our sessions.  You can download the latest version of it from their web site.


That is all you need.  We also follow a general rule of thumb, that any book owned by any member of the party can be downloaded (with the owner's permission) as a pdf and used freely, as if you were borrowing the physical book from the owner in a face to face setting.  Obviously you are free to do as you wish regarding torrents and downloading of copyrighting material, but this practice stated above is generally accepted by me as a DM, and is what I do.  You may also be able to justify downloading pdfs for books that your local library has copies of.

Stuff You Need to Play

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